Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Would a guy try this if he was interested in a girl seriously?

Would a guy try this if he was interested in a girl seriously?I was with this guy I was dating a few months and we had s*x for the first time (first with each other)Anyway after this he tried an*l with me but I wasn't sure about it and told him a few times that it wasn't my kind of thing. He ended up persuading me then and we did and it was okay but I was drinking and so was he.The next day I was very cool with him and I wasn't very happy about it. I was thinking if this is what happens at the start, what kind of stuff is he going to want to do next. Was I right to be annoyed with him? Do you think he was just trying this cause he was drunk? Do you think trying this the first time we were really intimate was a bad idea on his behalf?We are not teenagers Also do you think a guy would have the cop on to know this is a very intimate thing that should probably only be tried after a while of sleeping together or do you think he was trying this cause he wanted to just hit it and split?
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Best Answer - Chosen by VotersI think he just wanted to try it. If you intend to see him again, just let him know that you aren't necessarily against doing it again but you aren't exactly as "ready" for it as you thought you were and perhaps you'll oblige him sometime later down the road.I do agree with you that the drinking may have made you both a little more adventurous then you may have been if you were sober.On the other hand, you did say that you had been seeing him for months now, maybe he feels comfortable enough with you that he thought he could ask. You initially agreed, so you too must feel some measure of comfort being with him as well.Bottom line, if you continue to see him just let him know that you'd like to back off from this aspect of "exploration", at least for the time being.As long as you both can be open and honest with each other, you shouldn't have no worries. 100% 1 Vote
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